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Photographic Moon Book Äá¼v¤ë¹Ï                       


Version 3.5    Download (PDF, 257 pages, 125 MB)



The PDF takes few minutes to download in Hong Kong. Its mirror is maintained by the courtesy of Whitepeak Observatory, which is more readily accessible to North American readers at


Contact me for a CD copy if necessary.




Other astronomical articles

They are now presented in Chinese and posted in the Forum of Hong Kong Astronomical Society under ¡§¤Ñ¤åQ&A¡¨ section




Classic Refractors

Brashear 11-in refractor.jpg



Outburst of Comet 17P / Holmes 

It has grown to 1.1 solar diameter on 2007 Nov 09 

Comet_17P_071109_1708UT_50pct.jpg  (Telephoto lens)

Comet_17P_071109_1508UT_50pct.jpg  (8cm f/5 refractor)


Notes on 17P


Mercury Transit in 2006






All captured in Cheung Chau Island with 9cm Makustov, manual tracking.


Mars 2005

P050704a.jpg (Dia. 9.5 arcsec, 10-in Newtonian)

P050705b.jpg (Dia. 9.6 arcsec, 6-in f/8 Newtonian)

P050719a.jpg (Dia. 10.4 arcsec, 10-in Newtonian)

P050822a.jpg (Dia. 13.2 arcsec, 10-in Newtonian) 

    Mars, from 2005 July 04 to August 22

P050906a.jpg (Dia. 14.8 arcsec, 10-in Newtonian)

P050930a.jpg (Dia. 17.8 arcsec, 10-in Newtonian)

P051006a.jpg (Dia. 18.5 arcsec, 10-in Newtonian) 

P051010a.jpg (Dia. 19.0 arcsec, 10-in Newtonian)

P051014a.jpg (Dia. 19.4 arcsec, 10-in Newtonian)

P051019a.jpg (Dia. 19.8 arcsec, 10-in Newtonian) 

P051019b.jpg (Mars image resized by 200 %)    

Mars_madness_051019c.jpg (Mars madness !)    

P051023a.jpg  (Dia. 20.0 arcsec, 10-in Newtonian) 

P051025a.jpg  (Dia. 20.1 arcsec, Dust storm) 

P051028a.jpg  (2 days before closest encounter)


Mars, from 2005 Sept 09 to Oct 28 

P051102a.jpg (Dia, 20.1 arcsec, 5 days before opposition)

P051103a.jpg (Dia. 20.1 arcsec, 4 days before opposition)  

P051104a.jpg (Dia. 20.0 arcsec, 3 days before opposition)    

P051105a.jpg (Dia. 20.0 arcsec, 2 days before opposition) 

P051106a.jpg (Dia. 19.9 arcsec, 1 day before opposition) 

Mars_CraterSchiaparelli.jpg (Largest crater on Mars)  

P051109a.jpg (Mars, 2 days after opposition, very bad seeing)  

P051111a.jpg (Mars, Dia.19.6 arcsec, good seeing)

P051116a.jpg (Mars, Dia.19.0 arcsec, bad seeing)

P051119a.jpg ((Mars, Dia.18.6 arcsec, windy) 

P051202a.jpg (Mars, Dia.16.6 arcsec) 


Mars 2003

Map of Mars (¤õ¬P¦a¹Ï)


Mars_SP_2003.jpg (White Cap in South Pole «n·¥«aªºÅܤÆ)

Mars_MonsOlympus_2003.jpg (Mons Olympus ¶øªL¤Ç´µ¤õ¤s)

P030713a.jpg (10-in f/6 Newtonian)

P030826a.jpg (ETX90 Maksutov)

P030827a.jpg (10-in f/6 Newtonian)

P030829a.jpg (FS128 refractor)

P030830b.jpg (FS102 refractor)

P030909a.jpg (10-in f/6 Newtonian)

P030909b.jpg (3-in refractor)

Town Mars in Pennsylvania, USA (2003 pictures)


Mars 2001

P010622a.jpg (C9 SCT, afocal imaging) 


Mars in 1956, 1971 & 1986 (Text in Chinese)





Jupiter 2005

Jupiter_050706a.jpg (Orion 6-in f/8 Newtonian)


The Sun in whitelight

Sunspot69_sequence.jpg (AR 69)


S030530a.jpg (AR365)

S031025b.jpg (AR486)


S041027a.jpg (AR687)

S041102a.jpg (AR693)

Sunspot_2005Nov18_21.jpg (AR822)  

Sunspot_051122a.jpg (AR822, quick change of shape in 24 hrs! )  

Sunspot_051123a.jpg (AR822) 

Sunspot_2005Nov22_24.jpg (AR822) 

Sunspot_051202a.jpg (AR826 & AR828) 

Sunspot_051203a.jpg (AR826)  

S070319_solareclipse_6frames.jpg (partial solar eclipse, 2007 Mar 19)


2004 Venus Transit

2004Venus Transit_path.jpg

2004Venus Transit_position angles.jpg

2004Venus Transit_blackdrop.jpg

2004Venus Transit_cloudy.jpg

2004Venus Transit_sunset_1.jpg

2004Venus Transit_sunset_all.jpg


Other astro stuff

l          Amateur Astronomy in Hong Kong ¡V A Brief History (Word format, 5 MB)

It covers Year 1945 to 2001 only.

l          Chinese Astronomy 1982 - 1992 (¤¤°ê¤Ñ¤å¾Ç¦b«e¶i 1982 -1992)

34-min video documentary, PAL, dubbed in DVD with Mandarin & English narration.

l          A collection about the history of HK astronomy before WW II (Word, 760 KB)

l          ¤¤°ê¥j¥Nªº¬P©x©M¾äªk (Pdf, 3.7 MB)

l          ²o¬P³N (Chinese Word, 500 KB) 

l          X-®g½u¤Ñ¤å¾Ç - ²¤¶ (Chinese Word, 350 KB)

l          X-ray Binaries (Word, 210 KB)

l          If you are interested in extrasolar planets (Word, 300 KB)

l          Demotion of Pluto by IAU (Word, 40 KB)

l          An experience with mini equatorial mount Tak-TGSE (Word, 0.5 MB)

l          Eyepiece Adapter for ToUcam Imaging (Jpg)

l          ¡m¤j²³¤Ñ¤å¾Ç¦b¤¤°ê¡n (Chinese translation of Flammarion¡¦s Astronomie Populaire (Jpg)

l          ¥Í¬¡¤¤ªº¤Ñ¤å (Chinese Word)

l          A talk on Lantern Festival + Lunar Eclipse (2007Mar03, Chinese Powerpoint, 16 MB)

l          McNaught±k¬Pªº§À¤Ú©M­y¹D (Chinese Word, 360 KB)

l          ¤Ñ¤å·R¦nªÌªºÄ_¨© ¾ ±æ»·Ãè (Chinese Powerpoint, 12 MB)

l          ¨Fù­¹©P (Chinese Word, 0.5 MB)

l          ¦a²y­Ë¼Æ (Chinese Word, 42 KB)

l          ¯º°Ý²o¤û»P´¤k¡A¬O½Ö¥ý¹LÄN¾ô¨Ó (Chinese Word, 320 KB) 

l          ¦a²yªººÏ·¥¨s³º¦b¨º¸Ì?  (Chinese Word, 150 KB) 

l          Ãþ¬PÅé Quasar ©M Ä£ÅÜÅé Blazar (Chinese Word, 0.6 MB KB) 

l          ¨S¦³³zÃ誺®É¥N (´º²Å¡B¶H­­»ö)  (Chinese Word, 450 KB) 

l          ¦è¤è¾äªk²¤¶ (¾§²¤¾ä¡B®æ¨½¾ä¡BJD¡B¶|¬í)  (Chinese Word, 380 KB) 

l          Notes on Machu Picchu in Peru (Word, 0.7 MB) 

l          ±q¤ë¾_·Q¨ì¦a¾_ (Chinese Word, 410 KB)  

l          RMS Titanic ©M1912¦~ªº¤é­¹ (Chinese Word, 28 KB) 

l          §Úªº¤Ñ¤å¤T³¡¦± (Chinese Word, 300 KB)

l          ±qªñ¦~¤Ñ¨a·Q°_ (Chinese Word, 200 KB) 

l          SN 2008D ¶W·s¬P©M Swift ¤ÓªÅ±æ»·Ãè  (Chinese Word, 430 KB) 

l          ­»´ä¬O­Ó¹kÀ»§|¶Ü ?  (Chinese Word, 500 KB) 

l          2008.06.21¡uº¶¿O¦æ°Ê¡v«e«áªº©]ªÅ«G«×  (Chinese PDF, 500 KB)  

l          ¤Ó¶§¨tªº½è¤ß  (Chinese Word, 120 KB) 

l          ¤¤°ê¥jÄy°O¸üªº¡u¤p¤Õ¦¨¹³¡v (Chinese Word, 150 KB) 

l          Red Sky 2008 August 20  (Word, 100 KB) 

l          Calculus, A Brief Tour (Word, 600 KB)

l          Dr. George Coyne, a priest and an astronomer (Word, 110 KB) 

l          ·³®t  (Chinese Word, 410KB)  

l          ©ú¥½¥H«á¤¤°ê¤Ñ¤å¸¨«áªº­ì¦]  (Chinese Word, 200 KB)  

l          ¶Â¬}ªººÃ´b ¾ ¦b¬ì¾Ç©M¬ì¤Û¤§¶¡ (Chinese Word, 900 KB)  

l          CloudFront_2009Jan06.jpg (Jpeg, 170 KB)

l          Sunlight in polluted air_2009Feb (Jpeg, 180 KB)

l          ®g¹q¤Ñ¤å¾Ç (Chinese Powerpoint, 38MB) 

l          2009.03.28¡uº¶¿O¤@¤p®É«e¡v«e«áªº©]ªÅ«G«× (Jpeg, 380 KB) 

l          ¤¤Àô©]ªÅ«G«×½Õ¬d --- 2009¦~6¤ë17¦Ü21¤é  (Chinese Pdf, 2.2 MB) 

l          ¨S¦³¤é°Ãªº¤é¥þ­¹ (Chinese Word, 1.4 MB)

l          ¤é¥þ­¹¤p²Î­p (Chinese Word, 0.5 MB)

l          ³Ð³y©M¥Ù¬Þ (2009.10.03 ¤¤¬î¸`)

l          Leonids2009_Forecast_Observation.doc (Chinese Word, 600KB)

l          ¥V¦Üªº·N¸q (2009.12.22 Chinese Word, 80KB)

l          ¤T­ÓÃö©ó¤ë²yªºÁÁ¶Ç (Chinese Word, 100 KB)


My other stuff ±¡·N¶°

l          A passion of classical performing arts, when they were not contaminated by computers. 

Movie.xls (Excel format)

Classical_CD_Video.xls (Excel format)

l          «Ò¤kªá¥þ¼@°Û¤ù¦b1960¦~¿ý­µ

l          ªL»A¡B¤ý¤Þ¥Dºtªº¡u·Rªº±Ð¨|¡v(1961)

l          ¦³±¡ÁÙ¬OµL±¡ (2006.07.13)

l          §Ñ¦~§g²ö¯º¡E­«¬B¨ª¤l¤ß (2006.10.08)

l          The Dingdong of HK Star Ferry, 1959 (1.6MB, Windows Media Player format)

l          ¯u¤H¯u¨Æ --- ¥D¹²¤§¶¡ªº¯u·R (2006.11.23)

l          A diary --- °½±o¯B¥Í¥b¤é¶¢ (bilingual, 2006.12.09) 

l          ®¥³ß®¥³ß (2007 Feb)

l          ©P梩M¤ë«G 

l          Lanterns in NW-Hotel, 1979 (reprocessed)

l          ©M¤Ñ¦³Ãöªº¸Öµü (2007.03.30)

l          ¬ö À¹¤åÁÉ¥ý¥Í (2007.04.03)

l          ­¼­·¯}®ö¡E·à¤l¤s¤U (2007.06.21) 

l          My first telescope  (2007.06.28)

l          New Zealand Trip (2008 July, Powerpoint with 120+ slides, 38 MB) 

l          The Seekers / Judith Durham video collection  (2008 Sept) 

l          ¡m¬õ³·½¬¡n©MĬ®æÄõ¥ÁÁÁ (2008 Sept) 

l          Beethoven Virus¡m¨©¦hªâ¯f¬r¡n (2008 Sept) 

l          ¨â­ºµS¤Ó¥ÁÁÁ Donna Donna & Hava Nagila (2008 Sept) 

l          ´X­º·½¦Û¤é¥»ªº¤¤¤åª÷¦±¡G¦p§Ú¬O¯B¶³¡EÂŤë«G¡E¬G¶mªº«B¡EÄƳ· (2008 Sept)

l          Å¥¦¬­µ¾÷ªø¤jªº¤H (2008 Oct)

l          ºq¬P±iÅS (2009 Jan)